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  • Ryan MacMillan

Fraser Hood

Fraserhood is where I have called home for the last few years. There have been so many changes recently and I have really been interested in the history of the neighborhood. The neighborhood stretches between 16th and 28th ave, and was formerly known as Mountainview. Now rebranded and named Fraserhood, it was once a working class, blue-collar neighborhood, where you would find many new immigrants just looking to settle in to a new city. Now coined one of Vancouver's most trendiest hoods with lots of great restaurants, cafes, and local ice cream! Many higher end businesses have opened up shop, including Savio Volpe, Bellas & Whistles, and Ubuntu Canteen.

Talk to many people who have lived in East Vancouver for many years, Fraser street was definitely not a destination, Like anything though, things change and new demographics emerge. With the West side of Vancouver increasingly becoming un affordable and the influx of people to the city, there is no where to go but East. Fraserhood has seen a drastic change in the last 10 years and most recently major developments have been happening at at even steadier pace. I can't wait to see what transpires over the next few years here with even more great spots setting up shop right in the Fraserhood!

Ubuntu Canteen

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